The Post-Election Video to WATCH!!!​

JCT's Lori Lowenthal Marcus Addresses the Smear Tsunami Against Bannon

On Nov. 21, President-Elect Donald J. Trump announced the steps his administration will take during its first 100 days. The plans include a notice to withdraw from TPP; cancel restrictions on American energy production; eliminate two regulations for every new one passed; a comprehensive national security (including cyber-security) plan; immigration reform focused on abuse of work visas; and ethics reform - banning executive officers from becoming lobbyists. Watch itHERE.

PROOF: Blacks, Women, Hispanics Voted for "Racist, Sexist" Trump!

Trump's AIPAC speech

Clinton Ca$h

The Donald Trump Video Every Jew Should Watch! (Two of Trump's kids are married to Jews and the third married child is married to a woman whose father is Jewish)

New Trump Super PAC Ad - Benghazi Widow Calls Out Hillary (she does not mince words)