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We are a grassroots coalition of many thousands of Jews from across the USA who support President Donald Trump. We voted for him and we want him to succeed. 

 President Trump must have a Republican controlled Congress to succeed in protecting Israel, and in keeping America safe.

Our members regularly publish open letters, articles, sponsor advertisements, events and other action based campaigns to confront the unending and unfair attacks on President Trump and his administration. They work to get Republicans elected to Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.


Check out our news section to follow the latest information about why Jews are and must Choose Trump.

Sign up and contact us below so we can add your name to the those of other American Jews who know that Trump is the pro-Israel and strong national security choice. Let's mobilize our friends and let them know that it is time to stand up and be identified to show their support for President Trump and to re-elect a Republican controlled Congress.