"Any of us voting for Hillary shows a particular disdain towards Israel's survival.", Ralph, NY​

​​"He is not an insider politician and he loves Israel.".     Pete,  FL

"He will be a better supporter of Israel. He hasn't killed anybody that we know of ...He is not a pathological liar. He wants to do what is best for America." Steve, TX

"Free market capitalism, small government, and our constitutional freedoms."​ Rodney, GA

"Trump is a doer. Trump will not sell out Israel, or Jews anywhere in fact. He is a true, down to earth, brilliant patriot and is as fed up as most Americans, and has the skill to build an excellent cabinet team to lead our way out of impending disaster that has been in fast gear since Obama and the racketeering regressives assumed power."   Joel, FL

"Strong support for Israel. Best for a strong US economy. Understands the threat of Islamic Jihadists." Cliff, AL

" A veteran and a Jew for Trump. I am disgusted with the Clintons and our current administration's treatment of the military and veterans. I am 100% behind Trump!" Kimberly, Fl

"While Trump was never my first choice, Madame Secretary has proven she is the "last possible choice....I fear a nuclear 9/11. Out of those who have a chance of being sworn in on 20-January-2017 it seems like Donald John Trump is the last best good hope we have for the survival of both the US and our allies, especially our brothers in Israel..." John, OH

​​​​"ABC, anyone but Clinton. Would someone put her in jail whre she belongs. Look up the Clinton Foundation ratings on charities and see how poorly they rate for actually using money to help people. It is a slush fund for the Clintons and their friends,"Richar​d, TX

"I support Trump because he is the ONLY pro-Israel candidate in this election." Joe, CO

"I admire, trust and am confident in the strength and unflinching integrity of this man, Donald Trump."    Marcia, WA

"I feel Trump is supremely qualified to lead America back to the greatness that it had before Obama became President. I feel that our country is at a tipping point. If Hillary becomes President, I fear that the US will never recover." Susan, PA

​"I am supporting Trump because I truly believe he can turn America around after eight years of Obama which have been a disaster! 

 I choose Trump because he, unlike Obama, would never have made the terrible deal with Iran nor given them $150 billion  with which they can rearm all of Hezbollah and Hamas and further Iranian nuclear capabilities. Trump will never have the Muslim Brotherhood in his administration, support BDS or its supporters. Trump will never surround himself with quislings like Max and Sidney Blumenthal, Anne Marie Slaughter and Thomas Pickering.

I choose Trump because he will protect our Southern border and put a moratorium on "refugees" from terror states to help insure that we know whom we are welcoming into America.

I choose Trump because he will fight Islamic terrorism and destroy ISIS. I believe he will bring jobs back to America and improve trade.

I welcome the end of the march into dhimmitude and socialism, both of which are dead ends for our freedom loving country.

Hooray Trump!​"      Wendy, VT

"The Mideast is a mess. Iran is a bigger threat than ever. Under the Obama administration the threat to Israel has increased drastically. At the same time the relationship between Israel and America has been strained as never before. Trump will reverse the friction between our countries and give Israel the support it deserves. Hillary already has proven as Secretary of State that she cannot be depended on to support Israel." Alan, MA

​"As First Lady, Hillary did not rebuke Mrs. Arafat; as Secretary of State [she] began the Iran nuclear talks. Do we need to say more?" Ken, PA

"With Trump we at least have the possibility of change in the right direction...With Hillary, there's no question that we're a dead nation....a nation's survival is about its borders, its language, and its culture...Get behind the one candidate who can  motivate by example and provide us the leadership to return the USA to its proper place both within and without. Support Donald Trump." Avrohom, NY

"Conservative values, strong on national security, and destroying ISIS, will approve conservative judges."   Luis, NY

"Hillary is a liar, cheat, no friend of Israel or our military. We need strong borders, a strong military and less government." Sharon, FL

​​​​"There is no perfect. But there are ones that are pure evil...and that is Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump has the best interests of our country, our people, and the State of Israel at heart. He may not be perfect (but who of us is?) but he's head over heels better than the murderer Hillary Clinton. Vote Trump!" Sue MI

"Scared to give name. But count me in." Bethesda, MD

"I have been a Democrat all my life but now I'm voting for Trump because #1 Your support for Israel #2 Border control #3 The need for a strong military." Shulamit, FL

"For the first time in many years I am finally hearing someone running for office willing to speak the truth. I was a Democrat for decades, and am appalled at the criminal corruption of Obama, Hillary and Bill, and the collusion of my Democrat representatives. The press has become a propaganda machine for the powerful. We are in great danger and both parties put us here." ​Doris, MD

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"His understanding of finances will help us to become stronger, nationally and internationally. He gets that ISIS  and others are out to destroy us and will not stop till we destroy them. He respects and understands what Israel is all about and how important this ally is to the US and to the Jewish people, even if they don't all understand." Marlene, VT

​"His appointments to the SCOTUS are more likely to preserve the Constitution and less likely to destroy the country. He's also the only thing stopping hordes of illegal immigrants and unvetted Muslim refugees from pouring into the country." Joe, PA

​​​"Frankly, its not that I see Trump as the perfect candidate for any political position, only that this country cannot tolerate Hillary, the worst political entity I have ever seen in 76 years." Dennis, CA

" To protect this country from Hillary Clinton and especially to prevent Hillary Clinton from destroying the integrity of the Supreme Court of the United Sates. I want my children and grandchildren to live in the United States with liberty and justice for all." Bryna, FL

"I want Trump to win the presidential election becasue he is honest and will make our country great again!" Anne, TX

"Mr. Donald Trump is good for this country, Israel and those in this country who have been forgotten and left behind. I am convinced he would be good for the military and veterans especially." MGEN Sid (ret.) NC

"Israel is more important than abortion...Jews are putting gay marriage and "choice" above the survival of own people." Melissa, OH

​"We need a strong hero to drive America in the right direction and be friends with Israel.This wold be Donald Trump! We had enough of terrorists and America is really going downhill. Forget Hillary Clinton. She should be locked up. It would be a good idea to show in an ad how many homeless people there are in every state in our country and how many lost their jobs because of NAFTA signed by Bill Clinton, Hillary's husband."Jean-Louis, CA

"When there is a choice between good and evil, I possess the unusual belief that it is preferable to choose that which is NOT evil. Trump may have his flaws, but Hillary Clinton is evil incarnate." Eric, NY

"I love Trump! Donald Trump speaks for me. He is honest. He tells it like it is. He supports a strong America. He loves our military and first responders. He is not in the race for money or power, like Hillary is and always has been. Trump is going to make America great again!" Shelley, NV

"The Iran deal Hillary supported and orchestrated with her Muslim friends is treason." David, NY

"He's got the gumption, experience and intelligence to lead this country to a better and greater future." Paul, NY​​

"We are Trump-ians. Clinton has a penchant for being expedient with her views on all subjects. She is crooked crooked crooked. Trump is tough, brash, determined, honest and patriotic and he will make a great president."Peter, CT

Why We Support Trump

​​"He is not a politician. He will build the wall, fix our economy and bring manufacturing and jobs back to America. He is our voice and I know he will put America first." Florine, FL

"Wouldn't even think of voting for Hil lie art. She would continue Obama's course with illegals and disrespecting our military." Mark, NY​​​

"He is our last chance to return our country back to the right path." Charles, TX

"I feel his experience in business will translate well on the world stage. He has budget experience which can help our national debt situation. He is good for Israel and the Jewish people. He is smart enough NOT to pay Iran for hostages or make a bad nuclear deal as Obama/Hillary did. He is a proud patriot who wants to elevate America back to its former status as the greatest and strongest country in the world." Helene, NY

"I am a 90 year old child survivor of Hitler's Germany and a WW2 American veteran. With my background, how could I possibly vote for Hillary. Trump is my candidate." Henry, FL

"2016 is our last chance to avoid becoming an English speaking Venezuela." Mike, LA