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​​Aug. 12, 2016

We are convinced Donald Trump is the right candidate to choose in this presidential election for two reasons. Those reasons are Iran and Israel.

Iran - the primary financial supporter of global terrorism - poses an existential danger to Western values, culture and life. Israel opposes that mortal threat to Jews and the West. And it is the sanctuary of the Jewish people.

JewsChooseTrump.org is not seeking to persuade those who scoff at the danger of the first and at the importance of the second. Their priorities and values lead them in a different direction.

But for those who abhor the values and violence of the Islamic Republic of Iran and who cherish the Jewish State, we hope you’ll listen.

For one brief, shining moment about a year ago, we had attained the Holy Grail (l’havdil) of modern Jewry: virtually all Jews were united in fighting to prevent approval of the “Iran Deal.” We agreed then it was an existential issue.

Where did you all go?

Many American Jews now have self-inflicted amnesia about their commitment to defeating that cataclysmic deal and the rest of global Islamic terrorism, perhaps because they have regressed to other priorities, such as reproductive rights, policing, or political party purity.

But reproductive rights and every other domestic issue is controlled by either state or the federal legislatures, the president does not have exclusive control over them, as is the case with foreign policy, as enshrined in our Constitution.

So here are two stark choices. One, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, who has consistently opposed the Iran Deal and who has pledged to do everything in his power to overturn it. And then there is Hillary Clinton, who started rolling the negotiations for the Iran Deal and who slapped AIPAC with her claim that the Iran Deal “has made the world safer.” Whom will you choose?

If, like us, you still believe the Iran Deal is catastrophic and the United States must do all we can to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, the only choice is to vote for Trump.

The second reason we founded www.JewsChooseTrump.org is because the security of Israel and of all Israelis is one of our highest priorities. If Israel is vitally important to you, your choice is clear: Donald Trump.

True, early on Trump claimed he could work out a deal between the Israelis and the Arabs. But he listened and learned and brought in stalwart and knowledgeable Israel advisers. Those advisers have each worked for Trump for more than a dozen years. They know the man, they trust him and he trusts them.

Trump’s Israel advisers worked with legislators and advocates to write and help pass the incomparable Republican Party Platform Israel plank. That plank could not be achieved under previous party candidates; only Trump’s advisers resisted the pressure of those who sought more “evenhandedness” towards the Arabs rather than recognizing and protecting the historic and legal rights of Israel.

Trump’s opponent is Hillary Clinton: she of the public Suha Arafat smooch, given right after Suha lied about Israel poisoning gas to poison Arab women and children. Hillary, who bragged about her scathing verbal attack on Netanyahu for daring to approve building of homes for Jews in Jerusalem.

Hillary, for years the recipient of financial and other support from American Jews, counts among her closest advisers Huma Abedin, whose family is entrenched with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the anti-Israel Sidney Blumenthal, whose son Max’s vicious anti-Israel ravings were remarked on approvingly by Hillary in those infamous secret emails.

While Donald Trump chose Mike Pence, an ardent supporter of Israel as a running mate, Hillary Clinton chose J Street’s darling, Tim Kaine, who boycotted Bibi’s speech to Congress. Trump committed to moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; Hillary won’t.

There are other reasons to support Trump over Clinton. His response to the Iranian threat is elemental to his clear-sightedness about the real danger facing America and the free world. He knows it is radical Islam. Clinton refuses to acknowledge that radical Islam is at war with us, she pretends these are people who need better jobs. ISIS proclaims they will be at war with us until we embrace their ideology. Trump names that truth. Clinton’s refusal to see it has made the world a more dangerous place and endangers our children’s future. A vote for Hillary Clinton (or refusing to vote) is to dismiss the importance of America’s security.

Also frightening, and true, is that if she becomes president, Clinton will be playing to her party’s Left, seeking approval from the heretofore fringe, now growing radical and anti-Israel wing of the Democratic party.

We choose Trump because we believe he will keep America, Israel and the free world safe from the dangers we face. If you agree, please join us at JewsChooseTrump.org.

This piece was written by Jews Choose Trump members Carol Greenwald, Richard Allen, Eve Stieglitz and Louis Sokol​. Greenwald is the president of Potomac Investment Co., a financial advisory firm. Allen is the founder of JCCWatch.org. Stieglitz is the Jewish advisor for women on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Sokol is an Internet marketing consultant and entrepreneur in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

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​Originally published at  the Forward http://forward.com/scribe/347562/two-reasons-trump-deserves-the-jewish-vote/?attribution=blog-article-listing-1-headline

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