When Trump Fought the Racists (He Broke the No Jews/No Blacks Barrier in Tony Palm Beach Florida)​.“He put the light on Palm Beach,” Mr. Foxman said. “Not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination. It has an impact.”

Who is Rex Tillerson? Here's one first-hand account by a non-Trumper"All I know is that this man holds one of the most powerful positions in the world and clearly has the means and ability to side step his jury responsibilities, served as a normal citizen without complaint or pretense. I know that a scared little girl who was finally convinced to come public with her account of abuse was inches away from a decision that would have sided with her abuser, yet this man put his negotiation skills to a very noble use and justice was served. All I know is that this man and his myriad of aides could have ignored an unsolicited email from a girl in her 20s suggesting that he donate to a local cause, but he took the time to respond and opened up his pocket book."

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RESPONSE (Oh, Puh-leeze!) TO THE RESPONSE TO TRUMP'S REMARKS ON ACCESS HOLLYWOOD BY RUTH S. KING - "Even some conservatives have joined the caterwauling declaring that this is proof positive that Trump is not “presidential.” Presidential??? That bar was lowered decades ago."  She gives examples: JFK with his Mafia molls, LBJ's toilet press conferences, Ted Kennedy ran for president after Chappaquiddick, the Dodd-Kennedy "waitress sandwich," Bill Clinton oh, so many things...on and on.

(Even More Horrific) Anti-Israel UNSC Resolution Expected ​"This new Paris Agreement states that the participants will “restate the validity of the Arab Peace Initiative and highlight its potential for stability in the region.”  Just as with the chimerical Two State Solution, the Arab Peace Initiative will unquestionably make the region far less stable, not more stable. For example, it demands the return of the Golan Heights to Syria."​ *BUT WE DODGED THIS BULLET, THANKS TO TEAM TRUMP!*

Donald Trump: Conservatives Should Vote for him for PresidentVictor Davis Hanson "Trump’s defeat would translate into continued political subversion of once disinterested federal agencies, from the FBI and Justice Department to the IRS and the EPA. ...Obama’s unconstitutional executive overreach would be the model for Hillary’s second wave of pen-and-phone executive orders.

The Jews Who Choose Trump - Moment Magazine

“Trump suffers no confusion as to who is a friend and who is a foe,” the group writes. “Those people who place as their top priority the security of Israel—they’re voting for Trump,” Greenwald says. “And those that are Democrats first and Jews second—they’re voting for Hillary Clinton.”

First 100 Days"president Trump will trust Israel to seek peace as best it can, and will not attempt to impose a “twostate solution,” or any other “solution,” against the wishes of the democratically elected Israeli government.
     Mr. Trump will do all he can to strengthen America’s partnership with Israel in combating the global war against Islamic terrorism."

Where Clinton and Trump Stand - on Every Major Issue​ - ​"There are enormous differences in the policy positions which these two candidates embrace. Following is a comprehensive overview of exactly what their positions and agendas are, with regard to the major issues confronting the United States."

Trump is the only choice for conservatives

"Trump is far more inclined than Clinton to correctly see Israelis as good guys, radical Muslims as evil, and moderate Muslims as potential allies who need our help. Clinton may spout politically popular pro-Israel platitudes, but her track record of strong-arming Israel while embracing and mainstreaming Muslim terrorists speaks far louder than her words. She would continue the shocking Obama policies in which she was complicit – including the horrendous Iran Deal."

Trump restores power of Israeli Ambassador "Dermer has already met with Trump, coordinated with his team and given the incoming president valuable political cover"

Our mission in this stage of JewsChooseTrump.org is to ensure the commitments made by the Trump Campaign  - the ones that drew us to support him for president - are not derailed either by the disinformation campaign being waged against him or because other priorities push these issues aside. These commitments include:

dismantling the Iran Deal; protecting Americans from un-vetted and potentially dangerous immigrantswhile heeding humanitarian needs; and ensuring the unfettered safety and growth of the Jewish State. The articles posted here address those issues - either correcting distortions or elucidating the value of the programs and their representatives.

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Donald Trump is a Wild Man and a Populist​. That is Exactly what America Needs.

"He will succeed because that wild side of his ego will drive him to produce to achieve to receive the acclaim he wants. Mrs Clinton is just too busy lining up the next country willing to donate to her favorite foundation...."

Is all this new-found concern over Anti-Semitism Merely A Political Tool Against Trump "​​In 1999, Jews were on the receiving end of 76 percent of all religious hate crimes. Since that date the Jews’ share has never fallen below 50 percent. Even in 2001, 56.5 percent of all hate crimes were directed at Jews and that percentage rose the following year to 65.3 percent. No other religion, even Muslims following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., reached even half as many hate crime incidents as did Jews. In raw numbers, Jews have been the targets of between 500 and more than a thousand hate crimes every year. No other religion has ever experienced even half that number."

​​Are Trump's grass roots Jewish supporters the election's dark horse? "a group of grass roots Trump supporters are seeking to make their own impact on the election and promise not to remain silent when it comes to Israel’s security and future."

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What you need to know

28 Things Donald Trump Promises to do as President Term limits, hiring freeze on national employees, curtailing regulations, bar govt officials from lobbying for 5 years, repeal NAFTA, the list goes on. Read it.

Norman Podhoretz, the last remaining anti-anti-Trump neoconservative ​“I think the Iran deal is one of the most catastrophic actions that any American president has ever taken. That’s how seriously I regard it. It paves the way for Iran to get a nuclear weapon,” he said. “If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, I think that we would be in great danger of seeing an outbreak of a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel. So that alone would be enough to turn me against the Obama administration and virtually everyone who took part in it, and certainly Hillary Clinton. It overshadows everything from my point of view.”

Trump Campaign Unveils New Policy: Will Ask Justice Dept. to Probe Anti-Israel Intimidation on US Campuses ​Comprehensive articulation of Trump's positions on issues specifically of interest to American Jewish voters - school choice, Israel and the peace process, anti-Israel activity on U.S. campuses, Iran - all of it.

I thought you might want to see these points from the White House on anti-Semitism, reflecting the President’s remarks at the African-American Museum today.....
Bomb Threats Targeting Jewish Community Centers
•             Anti-Semitic threats, attacks, and vandalism will not be tolerated by the Trump administration.
•             Our nation was founded in part on the principle that all people should be free to worship the God of their choosing without fear, and the President is dedicated to preserving that fundamental right.
•             JCCs serve a critical role in their communities, opening their doors for people of all backgrounds to share in their resources and participate in their activities.
•             This issue is near and dear to the President’s heart, as a religious man himself and as the father of a Jewish daughter and grandfather of Jewish grandchildren.
•             Religious intolerance of any kind has no place in this country, and these hateful threats and acts of vandalism will continue to be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and DOJ.

Paul Teller
Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs
The White House


​Trump's Jews and Obama's Jews ."The same divide exists between the slick branding of J Street’s conferences stocked with self-appointed thought leaders who have never worked for a living and the hard-working Jewish communities who loathe the New York Times for its hostility to Israel. These are the Jews who have never been represented in national politics. Whom most of the left didn’t even know existed.​"

David M. Friedman is the real (pro-Israel) deal "[F]or those of us who want someone who supports a Jewish, Democratic Israel, committed to civil rights for all of its citizens — including the right to not be murdered, David Friedman is exactly the right choice.  And for those of us who oppose the creation of a terror-generating state, David Friedman is the best man for the job. He is the pro-Israel real deal."


League of Defamation "The ADL is worthless to the Jewish community without credibility and moral authority. Under new CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, however, both are regularly squandered. Coming straight from the Obama White House, Greenblatt has transformed the once-respectable ADL into a vehicle for partisan bullying. How else does one square the ADL’s baseless, slanderous accusations of anti-Semitism against Republican Bannon with its kosher-certification (since qualified) of Democrat Keith Ellison, who played a decade-long active role in the Nation of Islam? Why still trust the ADL? Why does this obviously-partisan organization still enjoy 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status?


Trump Advisor: Security Aid to Israel Will Not Be Limited By MOU ​"“Under a Trump administration, the level of strategic and tactical cooperation between the two countries will be of an unprecedented high level,” Attorney David Friedman, who advises the Republican presidential nominee on U.S.-Israel affairs, said. “The U.S. will not be limited in its support for Israel by the terms of the MOU.”

Why the Big Lie About Steve Bannon? "They hate Steve Bannon because he beat them, fair and square, on the battlefield of social media. He is the president-elect's most effective general.

Washington Post article on the leftist organizations' protest against the Azerbijian/Conference of Presidents Chanuka Party covered JCT's counter-protest "Lee Green, a member of the electoral college and the North Carolina chair of an organization called Jews Choose Trump, traveled from Durham to express her opposition to the fact that Jews would demonstrate against the president-elect.
   She insisted that Jewish leaders who have decried Trump as bigoted and his adviser Stephen K. Bannon as a protector of anti-Semitic viewpoints are wrong.
  “I know not to trust the media,” said Green, 56. “If they could smear Steve Bannon for allegedly being anti-Semitic, they could smear anyone. They could smear the pope. … Actually, Trump has one of the strongest cabinets in terms of people who have fought bigotry.”

Word on the Street: A Tale of Two Platforms (J Street doesn't like the Republican Platform)

It's Indisputable: The GOP is the pro-Israel party  "​That’s the sum and substance of what today’s Democrats consider extremism: acknowledging the rights of Jews in the Land of Israel, embracing a fellow liberal democracy and strategic ally, supporting its efforts to defend itself and encouraging it to negotiate with its neighbors.

A Blogger's Argument in Favor of Trump ​"​This time the Repubs have presented a man who is rude, crude, a fighter, speaks plainly, is not afraid to take unpopular positions, but is an unvarnished lover of our country. Like Romney, he has a proven track record of success. OK, he has bad hair, but have you seen Hillary’s lately?

5 Reasons Never-Trumpers are Wrong About the Man

They claim he is a threat, but "He is a threat to the entrenched elites who’ve made such a hash of things, but not to the country for whom Hillary is a far more dangerous threat."

Trump Advisor says Nominee Won't Push Israel on Peace Deal if Elected "“Mr. Trump is not going to have his finger on the scale trying to push Israel in a particular direction,” Friedman added. “He has great confidence in the Israeli government and the Israeli people.”

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is Big Priority for Trump Says his Top Adviser, KellyAnne Conway "That is very big priority for this president-elect, Donald Trump," Conway told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on his Monday morning show. "He made it very clear during the campaign, Hugh, and as president-elect I've heard him repeat it several times privately, if not publicly.”

Impotent Rage at Trump Directed at Bannon What is animating the witch hunt against Bannon?  "It seems to be the impotent rage of those who wanted 'anyone but Trump.'”

Israel's right to build homes is settled...under international law  "The only binding resolution of international law, a resolution which has never been countermanded to this very day, is the July 1922 Mandate for Palestine. Adopted by the League of Nations, that resolution recognized the “historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.” It called for the creation of a Jewish national homeland anywhere west of the Jordan River.